Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Monday, November 12th 2012. | Sport

Here is a list of top NBA players of all time. As we all know that basketball is a game that is identical high players. Tall, basketball players can reach the ring and do a “Slam Dunk” with ease. So, Lets look at the list of top 10 tallest NBA players.

10. Priest Lauderdale: 7’4 “/ 225 cm

tallest NBA players Priest Lauderle Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Priest Lauderdale

Weight: 325 Pounds
Team: Atlanta Hawks (1996 – 1997), Denver Nuggets (1997 – 1998)

Imam only played for two seasons in the NBA. He went on to play basketball in Bulgaria after the season from 1997 to 1998.

9. Ralph Sampson: 7’4 “/ 225.6 cm

 Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Ralph Sampson

Weight: 235 Pounds
Team: Houston Rockets (1983-1988), Golden State Warriors (1988-1989), Sacramento Kings (1989-1991), Washington Bullets (1991-1992)

He spent half of his career with the Houston Rockets. With Hakeem Olajuwon is often called the twin towers. He is very talented, he injured a few times before he decided to end his career.

8. Rik Smits: 7’4 “/ 226 cm

tallest NBA players Rik Smits Top 10 Tallest NBA Players
Weight: 265 Pounds
Team: Indiana Pacers (1988-2000)

Rik Smits spent his entire career (12 seasons) with the Indiana Pacers. He was a good player and has a brilliant career. Rik Smits come from Netherlands.

7. Mark Eaton: 7’4 “/ 226.4 cm

tallest NBA players Mark Eaton Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Mark Eaton

Weight: 290 Pounds
Team: Utah Jazz (1982 – 1993)
Mark Eaton is a defender. He spent 11 seasons in the NBA playing for the Utah Jazz. Currently, he became a restaurateur.

6. Slavko Vranes: 7’5 “/ 228 cm

tallest NBA players Slavko Vranes Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Slavko Vranes

Weight: 275 Pounds
Team: Portland Trail Blazers (2003 – 2004)
This guy has only played three minutes with the Portland Trail Blazers. He only played briefly for the contract only 10 days.

5. Chuck Nevitt: 7’5 “/ 228.5 cm

tallest NBA players Chuck Nevitt Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Chuck Nevitt

Weight: 250 Pounds
Team: Houston Rockets (1982-1983, 1988-1990), Los Angeles Lakers (1984-1986), Detroit Pistons (1986-1988), Chicago Bulls (1992), San Antonio Spurs (1993)
Chuck is a player who has not reached success in his career. He played nine seasons but did not play in three seasons.

4. Shawn Bradley: 7’6 “/ 231 cm

tallest NBA players Shawn Bradley Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Shawn Bradley

Weight: 275 Pounds
Team: Philadelphia 76ers (1993-1995), New Jersey Nets (1995-1997), Dallas Mavericks (1997-2005)
Shawn has a dual citizenship. He is also a German citizen. He was known for his ability to survive and also do a “Dunk”.

3.) Yao Ming: 7’6 “/ 232 cm

tallest NBA players Yao Ming Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Yao Ming

Weight: 310 Pounds
Team: Houston Rockets (2002 – present)
Yao Ming is still playing with the Houston Rockets. He’s a good player and knows how to use the high to get high achievement for his team. He began playing in 2002 and is still playing to this day.

2. Gheorghe Muresan: 7’7 “234 cm

tallest NBA players Gheorghe Muresan1 Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Gheorghe Muresan

Weight: 303 Pounds
Team: Washington Bullets (1993-1994; 1995-1997), the New Jersey Nets (1998-2000)
NBA player Gheorghe Muresan is coming from Romania. He played with Pau-Orthez in 1994 -1995 season. He also starred in the movie “My Giant” in 1998 with Billy Crystal and Kathleen Quinlan.

1. Manute Bol: 7’7 “/ 235 cm

tallest NBA players Manute Bol Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Manute Bol

Weight: 225 Pounds
Team: Washington Bullets (1985-1988, 1994), Golden State Warriors (1988-1990, 1994), Philadelphia 76ers (1990-1993), Miami Heat (1993-1994)
Manute Bol NBA player who came from Sudan. He is known for its ability to block shots. He still holds the record for most blocked shots in a minute. He is the tallest basketball player.

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