Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Friday, June 10th 2011. | Animals

Forest destruction and global warming is one cause of extinction of some animals. Poaching is also one of the biggest causes of extinction of some species of animals. According to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) is a list of endangered animals in the world.

1. Black Rhino

endangered animal black rhino Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Black Rhino

Black rhinos are from southern and eastern Africa. Since 1970, the Black Rhino population has declined by 90% to less than 3,000. They are killed primarily for their horns. Black rhinoceros hunting has been banned for 20 years, but until now there are many people who hunt black rhino.

2. Polar Bear

endangered animal polar bear Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Polar Bear

Polar Bear is one of a dwindling animal. Poaching and global warming causes the polar bear more suffering. Cannibal polar animals are animals.

3. Tiger

endangered animal tiger Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World


The original tiger tropical regions in Southeast Asia and temperate regions such as the Russian Far East. Less than 6,000 tigers remain in the wild. The most urgent threats to tigers are poaching for body parts and bones used in traditional Asian medicines.

4. Beluga Sturgeon

endangered animal beluga sturgeon Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Beluga Sturgeon

Beluga sturgeon is an ancient fish that are still alive today and are found in the Caspian Sea. They appreciated all over the world by lovers for superior quality caviar. The hunt out of control due to excessive demand and high prices make this fish is reduced drastically.

5. Panda

endangered animal panda Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World


Panda is an animal that originated from China. The longer this animal is on the wane. Panda used as a symbol for the WWF. Panda is a protected animal.

6. Alligator Snapping Turtle

endangered animal alligator snapping turtle Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Alligator Snapping Turtle

These animals are hunted for consumption. This is a freshwater turtle in North America’s largest. Alligator turtle broken quickly become depleted due to increased shipments to many international markets including Asia.

7. Hawksbill Turtle

endangered animal hawksbill turtle Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill turtle is found mainly around tropical reefs. Three feet long hawksbill turtle species, named after the distinctive snout, become very vulnerable because of their slow reproductive rate and high volume of illegal trade for precious gems such as “tortoise shell.”

8. Java Rhino

endangered animal java rhino Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Java Rhino

Java Rhino is an endangered species residing on the island of Java. It is estimated that only 30 rhino tail. The government is trying to protect the rhino from poaching and threats that can cause extinction.

9. Green-cheeked Parrot

endangered animal green cheeked parrot Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Green-cheeked Parrot

Green-cheeked Parrot is a bird that comes from Mexico. He has the ability to imitate human speech. Green-cheeked parrot has been significantly reduced in number due to huge demand for pet birds are beautiful, especially from the United States.

10. Mako Shark

endangered animal mako shark Top 10 Endangered Animals in the World

Mako Shark

Mako Shark hunted for their meat and fins, and most of the consumption in the Asian market for shark fins they have a greater value for medicinal purposes. Most simply take their fins and then thrown back into the depths, left to die. Mako shark is one animal that include in the list of endangered animal.

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