Top 10 Exotic Animals

Monday, June 13th 2011. | Animals

This is the most fantastic creatures and amazing. This is a strange beast and can still be found today. This is a list of 10 exotic animals that will make you wonder.

10. Olm (Proteus anguinus)

top 10 exotic animals Olm Top 10 Exotic Animals


This amphibious animal, a native of the caves in deepest, darkest Europe (most notably in Slovenia) and was once mistaken for “dragon children” has become one of the most bizarre animals in the world. This animal is totally blind, and lack of body pigmentation. Though blind, he can capture the chemical signals and electrical signals through the receptors throughout the body. He has a soft and pale skin that little resembles the human skin is very pale, which is why the locals are sometimes called “human fish”.

9. Blanket Octopus (Tremoctopus violaceus)

top 10 exotic animal Blanket octopus Top 10 Exotic Animals

Blanket Octopus

These animals are seen in stark contrast to a normal octopus. As if this animal came from another planet that jumped into the sea and loved living there. The females heavier than the male (40000: 1). Males only have a length of 2.4 cm whereas females, with a length of more than 2 meters. If you feel threatened, the female can increase the membrane-like coat of arms so it looks bigger.

8. Glass frog (Centrolenidae)

top 10 exotic animal glass frog Top 10 Exotic Animals

Glass frog

What makes a small frog from tropical America is so unique is it has a translucent skin, so it can learn anatomy without having to dissect them. Some internal organs like the heart, intestines and liver can look perfect when viewed from below

7. Blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus)

top 10 exotic animal blobfish Top 10 Exotic Animals


Bergelatin waters in which fish have a very somber faces. Found in waters around Australia and Tasmania, blobfish more passive in his life, by eating any detritus that can reach. He lacked the muscle strength compared to other fish and almost did not expend energy while swimming because his body is lighter than water.

6. Assassin spiders (Archaeidae)

top 10 exotic animal asassin spider Top 10 Exotic Animals

Assassin spiders

Do not worry, this spider is only 2 mm in length and even with a scary name and appearance, but he is totally harmless to humans. “Neck” long designed specifically to support the weight of the jaw, which is equipped with venomous teeth.

5. Hatchetfish (Sternoptychidae)

top 10 exotic animals Hatchetfish Top 10 Exotic Animals


Visible from the front, these fish as if from another planet. Fish in these waters are found in all oceans except the coldest regions, and like olm and blobfish, spent his entire life in darkness. He can see with a light-producing organ on its sides that enabled it to capture prey.

4. Hairy crab (Kiwa hirsuta)

top 10 exotic animals hairy crab Top 10 Exotic Animals

Hairy crab

Also known as the “Yeti crab”, this crustacean is covered with what looked briefly like fur, but is actually a cover of dense setae, like those found at the foot of some species of shrimp. These hairs seem to function as a filter, detoxify the water where they live. Crab is blind and colorless and live in darkness.

3. Leafy sea dragon (Phycodurus eques)

top 10 exotic animals leavy sea dragon Top 10 Exotic Animals

Leafy sea dragon

This fish, which is still associated with sea horses, survived by pretending to be twigs floating seaweed. He swam very slowly and the dorsal and pectoral gills are transparent and can hardly be seen. Most predators do not even know if these animals exist. These animals have a strange habit of reproduction, females lay eggs into the male body through a long tube, and the males carry the eggs until they hatch. This fish is found in southern and western coast of Australia.

2. Leaf-tailed gecko’s stealth (Uroplatus phantasticus)

top 10 exotic animals leaf tailed gecko Top 10 Exotic Animals

Leaf-tailed gecko’s stealth

This animal looks more like a dry leaf that has been falling out, so rarely seen by predators. He found only in Madagascar, where he lived in the woods with other reptiles were fantastic. He included insectivorous with the appearance of frightening but not dangerous to humans. Unfortunately, this remarkable species threatened with extinction because many were hunted by the inhabitants and destroying their natural habitat.

1. Caterpillars hemeroplanes

top 10 exotic animals hemeroplanes Top 10 Exotic Animals

Caterpillars hemeroplanes

Simple caterpillar is ranked number one in this list. Animal is like a masterpiece of nature and life despite all the amazing animals, but this is the most fascinating animals. Very rarely seen and only found in tropical rain forests in Mexico and Central America, these tiny creatures usually look normal and have a dull color, but if threatened by predators, he’ll turn into incredible, she hangs from a branch with its hind legs, and lift the front of his body, until it looks exactly like a rattlesnake ready to remove toxins. Not only threatened, but he will actually attack the enemy. Hemeroplanes caterpillar has not been widely known, and the sad, animal existence is threatened because of deforestation. This caterpillar was ranked first for the top 10 animals.

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